2015 Nordictrack X9i Trainer Treadmill Review

Train and workout with nothing but the best, the Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer will provide you just that. Equipped with a 3 CHP Motor the X9i Inline Trainer is surely built to outlast every runner that will put this treadmill to the test. Its tread belt is 20” x 60” so space will never be an issue with this machine. Go beyond just counting calories or monitoring your stats. The Nordictrack X9i Incline trainer comes with a large 10” full color, Android powered touch display that allows you to connect online or visit your favorite sites while working out. This full color tablet is not just completely web-enabled but also integrated with iFit training programs. The incline and decline of the Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer can be easily adjusted with its 1-Touch controls. Its incline could go as high as 40 percent for a more intense and calorie burning workout. While the decline can adjust from 0- 6%, now you can have a more realistic and natural training program. Monitor your heart rate and stay in your target zone with the help of the X9i Incline Trainer’s CardioGrip Heart Rate Monitor. This heart rate monitor has sensors built in both the handle bars. But if you are more into heart training then the Wireless Chest Strap will be able to provide you continuous reading on the X9i Incline Trainer’s monitor.

Speed will not be an issue with this treadmill as well for it can be adjusted from 0- 12 MPH. Less impact on the joints is also made possible by its Reflex Cushioning to maintain stability and strength in the process. The best part is that this machine is built to last for the 2.5” Rear Roller was engineered with precision to reduce the drive system’s wear and tear. Review Price We’re reviewing the Nordictrack X9i at a sale price of. 2014 Upgrades & Differences The 2014 Nordictrack X9i is a slight upgrade over the 2013 model of the Nordictrack X9i. Here are the main differences that we’ve found between the two models. Upgrade 1: Belt is now 22″x60″ instead of 20″x62″. Though the belt is actually 2″ shorter in the 2014 model, we get an extra 2″ added to the width of the belt. We haven’t seen a treadmill belt wider than 22″ in all our years of reviewing so this belt is as wide as it comes. Though we would have preferred a 22″x62″ belt, we still see the 22″x60″ belt as a slight improvement over the 20″x62″ belt. Upgrade 2: “Snap Assembly” is a feature we haven’t seen prior to 2014. Perhaps Nordictrack has finally listened to the plight of buyers and have simplified their treadmill assembly process. In any case, snap assembly simply means less time for assembly and you know what they say, time is money. Upgrade 3: The 2014 Nordictrack X9i comes with a tablet holder. This is yet another feature we haven’t seen in any of the 2013 models. Though not terribly exciting and far from essential, it is a “nice to have” add-on. What Makes The Nordictrack X9i Worth Buying? One of the best consoles on the market today. It’s hard to beat having a spacious 10″ full color tablet that lets you surf the web! The 10″ screen you get with the X9i is equal in size to the more expensive X11i model. Besides Nordictrack, there are practically no other incline trainers on the market. So basically, your only options if you want an incline trainer are the X9i along with the X7i and X11i. The 22″ belt, snap assembly feature, -6% decline, 40% incline are all premium features that are hard to come by at any price What Makes The Nordictrack X9i NOT Worth Buying? Curiously, the max weight capacity of the X9i incline trainer has been left out. The 2013 model had a 350 lb user capacity so it would be hard to imagine the 2014 model to be any less than this. The 2013 X9i also had an issue of not being able to support users weighing more than 250 lbs at certain decline settings so we’re not ruling that out for the 2014 model either We would have liked a slightly more powerful motor. However, we can understand why the motor is only at 3.0 CHP. An incline results in a reduced load for the motor hence Nordictrack can get away with a 3.0 HP motor. Verdict Though the 2014 X9i is slightly superior to its 2013 predecessor, the upgrades are nothing groundbreaking. But since both are sold at pretty much the same price, who are we to complain about the free upgrades. (At the time of review, the 2014 is actually on sale and is thus sold at a price lower than the 2013 model.) Nordictrack has been making incline trainers for a while now and the X9i is their second best incline trainer model. Compared to the top of the line X11i, the X9i is actually pretty much identical in the bells and whistles (extra features) department. The main difference is construction quality and durability. Bottom line is the X9i is less of a workhouse but you can save significant amounts of money without sacrificing features if you invest in the X9i instead of the X11i.

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