2017 Nordictrack X7i Trainer Treadmill Review


“Burn calories, not time” — that is the promise of the 2014 Nordictrack X7i Incline Trainer. The 2014 model of the X7i is way more advanced than the earlier model. It is heavier in terms of features but it is still as lightweight and convenient to set up and store like the earlier model. What is new with the 2014 mdoel of the X7i incline trainer? Thanks to the state of the art impresisve 40% incline, one can burn calories by times more and that’s just by walking. That likewise means more muscles on the quads, hips, and glutes. While you burn calories, the treadmill won’t take you out for a beating thanks to its Reflex Cushioning system that absorbs all the impact. You will surely enjoy the 22″x60″ tread belt and the two built-in cooling fans. Also with the 2014 edition of the X7i Incline Trainer, no workout is ever boring on account of iFit technology’s newest 2014 offerings. Subscribe to iFit and enjoy all the perks of having a personal pro show you the ropes and monitor your progress.

The same convenience in the previous model is still there, but more improved. Assembly is literally a snap and Nordictrack guarantees half the assembly time as compared to the typical treadmill. Comfort plus effective – those are two things guaranteed with the 2014 Nordictrack X7i Incline Trainer. Of course the usual top notch Nordictrack warranty is still there together with the decline feature, wireless chest strap, etc. Comparison of X7i vs X9i vs X11i Perhaps the most noticeable difference of the X7i is it lacks the android browser tablet feature of the X9i and X11i. This means no surfing the web while working out (which may actually be a good thing for focusing.) Other less noticeable differences of the X7i include a decline range of only -3% instead of -6%. Built-in workout programs have also dropped from 44 to 38 and the motor is only 2.75 HP which is a noticeable 1.5 HP less than the 4.25HP motor of the X11i. You also won’t find a wireless chest rate strap with the X7i. In addition to not including a wireless heart rate strap, the X7i also lacks a tablet holder that was newly introduced in 2014 for the X9i and X11i. This is not a huge loss as there are other 3rd party products out there that you can buy that does the same thing. Finally, the X7i has the lowest weight capacity of the three coming in at only 325 lbs. Fortunately, it is still warranted at a respectable 5 years parts and 2 years labor. What Makes The Nordictrack X7i Worth Buying? The 22″x60″ extra wide belt is the same one you will find used in the X9i and X11i so you’re really getting excellent value for your money If the steep incline is your main reason for buying, you’d be glad to know that the X7i incline has the same max 40% incline as its older brothers. No need to invest more for the same incline! Warranty at 5-year parts and 2 years labor is slightly better than what you will find at this price range from competing brands What Makes The Nordictrack X7i NOT Worth Buying? In terms of specs and features, the X7i is pretty standard at this price. Beyond the steep incline, there really is nothing that separates it from the rest of the pack The weight capacity is at 325 lbs which is a little at the low end Verdict There is a noticeable drop in quality and features if you compare the X9i with the X7i. You end up saving about which is a decent sum of money but we feel X9i has the best overall value out of all three incline trainers. With that said, the X7i is still a decently priced machine especially if you’re on a tight budget. An incline trainer’s main selling point is after all the incline and not the other bells and whistles. In other words, the X7i gets the job done and if you want Nordictrack’s other premium features, you could always upgrade to the X11i or X9i.

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