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Variety is necessary for every workout to keep you focused on your fitness goals. The proform Power 995 i will deliver just that. Its 15% Quick Incline Controls will allow you to walk at an incline position, therefore burning more calories. Now, you can walk or run at different angles without any interruption.

Proform Power 995 i Treadmill in an Top Picks

Space and height will never be a problem with the Proform Power 995 i for it has a wide deck that allows runners of any height to stretch their stride. The 20 x 60-inch deck of the Proform Power 995 i is truly a comfortable treadmill to help you realize your fitness goals.

Features of Proform Power 995 i Treadmill:

Once you are done training for the day the Proform Power 995 i will allow you some extra space in your home. It comes with a SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist, allowing your machine to fold in a vertical manner. So even in storage, it won’t take that much space. Quickly adjust your speed through its QuickSpeed controls allowing you to enjoy the performance and intensity that you want. But in every workout always monitor your heart rate, making sure that you are in your zone and the Grip Pulse EKG Heart Rate Monitor allows you to do exactly this.If the heat is just too much to handle then keep cool with the treadmill’s Coolaire Workout Fan that can be used at any time you need. But this is not the only comfort that the machine provides. It also has Proshox Cushioning technology that helps reduce the impact on d joints while running. This 350 lb weight capacity treadmill does not come without some form of entertainment for Proform understands how important this is for you.

Uses facilities of Proform Power 995 i Treadmill

The Proform Power 995 i arrives with a compatible music port for iPod for you to have a better workout experience. Review Price: We’re reviewing the newly rereleased 2014 Proform Power 995i at a sale price of. Editor’s Note: We suggest you read our review of the Nordictrack C 970 which also has a price tag and is at the time of review, the slightly superior treadmill out of the two. (Nordictrack and Proform are both brands by Icon Health & Fitness.) What Makes The Proform Power 995i Worth Buying? Outside of Proform and Nordictrack, you won’t find many treadmills with a 3.0 HP motor for under. Treadmills with a 350 lb weight capacity are usually in the price range so we’re pleasantly surprised to see Proform has upped their game again for 2014. 30 preprogrammed workouts are more than enough for most people and would keep things fresh and interesting for quite a while. What Makes The Proform Power 995i NOT Worth Buying? Read the fine print: iFit is built-in but an annual membership fee is required. Weight of treadmill not known and that is always worrying when investing in a sub treadmill. Verdict The Proform Power 995 treadmill series has been around for a while. First, it was the Proform 995, then the 995c, and now the 995i. Unfortunately, the “i” which we take to mean “interactive” is a misnomer since using the interactive features of iFit requires the purchase of an annual membership. But aside from that, the Proform 995i’s specs are quite impressive. The belt/motor combination is solid, the warranty is in line with its price, there are a good number of built-in workouts, and the price is competitive.

Pros and Cons of Proform Power 995 i Treadmill

With that said, however, we should let you know that Nordictrack, a brand under Icon Health like Proform has a similar product you should consider. That product is the Nordictrack C 970 Pro which we’ve also reviewed at a sale price. The advantage that it has over the Proform 995i is for the same price, you’re getting an extra wireless heart rate strap (value) and the ability to adjust cushioning. So for the same price, you’re basically getting the same treadmill but with 2 additional freebies thrown in.

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