Nordictrack E 16.7 Elliptical Review at 2021 – PickFairly

Nordictrack E 16.7 Elliptical Review at 2021 - PickFairly

Reasons Why You Should Buy the Nordictrack E 16.7: The Nordictrack E 16.7 is the newest 2021 model we’ve reviewed and the only one with an 15″ HDTV In pretty much every department, it matches or beats its big brother the Elite 17.7 which is a year older and about more No complaints about the spacious 10″ console which is as big as an iPad We haven’t seen a Nordictrack elliptical that can support users more than the 400 lbs claimed by the E16.7 yet. Translation: the E16.7 is arguably Nordictrack’s sturdiest elliptical. Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Nordictrack E 16.7: With a 400 lb weight capacity claim, it baffles us to see only the standard 5-year parts/2-year labor warranty offered instead of the new and improved 6-year parts/3-year labor The Nordictrack E 16.7 is more than the E12.7 but the main differences between the two are the 15″ HDTV and the larger console display. The upgrades are nice but we’re not 100% convinced it’s worth the extra. Is This The Right Elliptical For You? The Nordictrack E16.7 is a top-end Nordictrack elliptical hot out of the oven for 2021. It is also one of the few ellipticals on the market today in 2021 that is equipped with an HDTV. With a price tag of however, it’s a little rich for us. But since the Elite 16.7 is so new, we think there is room for it to drop in price. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it go for under some point in the future. If and when it goes for that price, we would have no reserves in recommending it. But if money is no issue, the question then becomes whether you should buy the Nordictrack E16.7 or the E17.7 instead? Based on our analysis, the E16.7 has a slight edge in the features department but the E17.7 has the E16.7 slightly beat in the reliability department. So although both models are the crème of the crop in Nordictrack’s front-drive series, you should ask yourself whether features or reliability is more important. Designed to provide users with a total body workout the Nordictrack E 16.7 has incorporated special features that makes this machine special. It is built with the most advance technology in the market today. The only thing that it will probably have in common with other elliptical is having a water bottle holder and transport wheels. The Nordictrack E 16.7 provides entertainment beyond comparison. Imagine being able to watch TV or browse the net while working out. All this is made possible on the Nordictrack E 16.7. Update your status, read the news, watch videos, and visit your preferred websites while burning more calories. At Nordictrack we don’t just help you get fit but provides you with all the tools to keep you burning more calories. The 15” integrated HDTV and the 10” web enabled touch screen is just a catalyst in helping you realize your fitness goals. There is nothing like sweating it out on the E 16.7. Another feature that Nordictrack is really proud of about the E 16.7 is the fact that you are able to enjoy a quiet and smooth workout. Get on the E 16.7 and enjoy a more natural workout with its balanced and precision weighed 32 lb inertia enhanced flywheel. Plus, there are 26 digital resistance levels for you to choose from with the help of the 1-touch controls. You will surely not have any problem with this elliptical when it comes to weight limit. The E 16.7 can handle individuals with weight up to 400 lbs.

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