2017 Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Review


Train longer and burn more calories on the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 while you browse the web on its 7” full color touch tablet. Update your status online, watch the news, listen to music, and visit your favorite websites. Its Android powered browser lets you do just that while sweating it out on the 22” x 60” tread belt. Target different muscles in your lower body and tone them up with the help of the incline and decline features of the Nordictrack Commercial 1750. The FlexSelect Cushioning allows each user the option to run on a firm or cushioned deck. All you have to do is to adjust the orange cushioning isolator manually. One of the most important aspects of your training is to monitor your workout stats and your heart rate which can also be viewed on the 7” touch tablet. The built in sensors in both handle bars known as the CardioGrip Heart Rate Monitor helps provide accurate reading during training. While the Wireless Chest Pulse Strap allows keen monitoring of your heart rate by sending a continuous reading on the display.

The motor of the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 is something to really brag about for it has a 3.8 CHP motor. The motor is not only big and powerful, it is also quieter and produce less vibration compared to other treadmills. Nordictrack is so proud and confident about their Durx Commercial Pro Motor that they backed it up with a lifetime warranty. The smooth and quiet performance of the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 is also credited to its 2.5” Rear Roller. The roller is equipped with aircraft-spec bearing of the highest quality packed in its roller housing. It is then coated with a micro finish. Review Price We’re reviewing the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 based on a sale price of. Comparison of Commercial 1750 and Commercial 2450 : We reviewed the 2014 Nordictrack Commercial 2450 earlier today and were quite impressed overall with the price and quality especially if compared to the 2013 models. But after having a look at the 2014 Commercial 1750, we think it’s even a better deal. First of all, there is a significant savings if you invest in the Commercial 1750 instead of the Commercial 2450. But the only major difference between the two is the integrated 15″ HDTV. These days, you can get a brand name 42″ LCD TV at Costco for or less so we feel the Commercial 1750 is considerably the better value of the two. Secondly, the 2014 Nordictrack Commercial 1750 sports pretty much the same specs as the Commercial 2450. True, the motor is 3.8 CHP instead of 4.0 CHP but this should hardly matter since they’re both quite powerful already. It also has 2 fewer workout apps but that also hardly matters since you’re still left with a whopping 38 workout programs. And everything else is pretty much identical as far as we can tell. So you tell me. Would you pay an extra for a 15″ TV? Some people would answer yes due to the convenience factor but we really think for, the Commercial 1750 is a steal! What Makes The Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Worth Buying ? At a sale price of only, this is one of the most feature packed treadmills we have seen at this price. Excellent value! Negative decline, 22″ wide belt, powerful 3.8 CHP motor, wireless pulse strap, adjustable cushioning, web enabled touchscreen browser, spacesaver design and a solid warranty…all in one! Just a few years back, most of the features would only be available on a in treadmill. In 2014, ALL of them are found in a single machine and at less than! What Makes The Nordictrack Commercial 1750 NOT Worth Buying? According to user reviews, the display is slightly hard to view at certain heights and angles Weight capacity and weight of the machine not stated Verdict This is one of the best deals we’ve seen in a long time. Never before have we seen such a featured packed treadmill AND such a solidly built treadmill at such a fantastic price. I still remember the days when 22″ wide belts were a luxury feature but Nordictrack has made it common in 2014. I still remember the days when it wasn’t possible to surf the web on your treadmill but Nordictrack made it possible with the built-in Android web browser consoles. I still remember the days when treadmills didn’t decline, 3.8 CHP motors were reserved for true commercial treadmills and adjustable deck cushioning didn’t even exist. In 2014, the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 has made all of the above possible and at an astounding mid-range price of only! This treadmill is an absolute steal!

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