2018 Nordictrack C970 Pro Treadmill Review


The best of both worlds” is what one will get with the 2014 model of the Nordictrack C970 Pro. “Customized convenience” is the right pair of words to describe the major benefit you get with this treadmill; it’s loaded with features that are sure to give you the best workouts without compromising your convenience. One notable feature of the C970 Pro 2014 model is that it comes with FlexSelect Cushioning. This means that users can easily adjust the cushioning — half turn for maximum impact reduction, another half turn to get that feel of a real outdoor run. Ready for the next level? Take it up a notch with the deck’s incline that goes up to 15%. What is even better is that the treadbelt is very quiet because it’s specially made to reduce friction and noise. Add to that a very quiet 3.0 CHP motor.

If your concern is space, it will never be an issue with the 2014 Nordictrack C970 Pro. Apart from a spacious 20″x60″ treadbelt, the unit comes in the Nordictrack-patented Space Saver Design that comes with EasyLift Assist technology. Literally just lift and fold — and you can put your treadmill away. For your convenience, the 2014 Nordictrack C970 Pro comes with an easy-to-read monitor. It likewise boasts of 32 Workout Apps, the patented Wireless Chest Pulse Strap, and your standard Nordictrack heart rate monitor. The “best of both worlds” in just one machine. The 2014 Nordictrack C970 Pro not only promises a good workout, it also promises you convenience. Review Price We’re reviewing the Nordictrack C970 Pro based on a sale price of. Comparison of C970 Pro and C1600 Pro Nordictrack’s “C” treadmill series (“C” stands for Comfort”) is their most affordable treadmill lineup. Within this lineup, the two most expensive models are the C970 Pro and the C1600 Pro. In this review, I will talk about how the top 2 “C” treadmills stack up against each other. Arguably, the most noticeable difference between the two is the upgraded motor. The C 970 Pro comes with a respectable 3.0 CHP motor which is definitely one of the strongest motor ratings we’ve seen for a sub treadmill. The C1600 Pro on the other hand, outdoes the C 970 Pro with an even more powerful 3.5 CHP motor. Perhaps due to having a less powerful motor, the C970 Pro’s warranty is also noticeably inferior to the C1600 coming in at 3-year parts and 1-year labor. Contrast this with the C1600’s at 5 years and 2 years respectively. This upgrade is about a value which is about what you would need to pay for a 1 year extended warranty. The C970 Pro also does not have a built-in Android browser which allows you to surf the web. The C1600 Pro at more does. Both treadmills share the same sized 7″ console (which is somewhere between an iPhone and an iPad.) The last major difference between the two is the decline option. The C970 Pro being the more affordable of the two, does not come with the -3% decline feature. All in all, if you were to ask us whether we feel the extra for the upgrades is justified, we would say it’s a decent trade. The upgrades are meaningful enough for a buyer to seriously consider but the is a fair chunk of cash too. The bottom line is both treadmills are great deals at their respective prices and your budget should dictate which one you purchase. What Makes The Nordictrack C970 Pro Worth Buying? 350 lb user weight capacity is among the highest we’ve seen for a sub treadmill (in fact, it’s high enough for us to doubt whether Nordictrack inflated their numbers a bit here) Comes with a 2.5″ diameter roller which is equivalent to other Nordictrack treadmills more It’s somewhat uncommon for treadmills to include a wireless heart rate chest strap and we’re especially ecstatic to see it included in a sub machine A wireless chest strap is uncommon but even more uncommon is the ability to adjust the cushioning…at least prior to 2013. This unusual feature allows you to adjust the cushioning to one of two settings Belt is quite spacious for the price and all but the tallest users would find belt space to be an issue What Makes The Nordictrack C970 NOT Worth Buying Please read the fine print. The machine is iFit compatible but it requires you to buy a separate wireless module to make use of its features. (Nordictrack has not included a free iFit subscription on any of its models in 2014.) As Nordictrack did not reveal the machine weight, it may not be the most stable treadmill. For heavier joggers and runners, the C970 Pro may disappoint.

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