2017 Nordictrack C 600 Treadmill Review


Review Price We’re reviewing the Nordictrack C600 based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of Nordictrack C600 and C700 The C700 can be yours for which is more than the C600. Comparison of Nordictrack C600 and C700 Of the new 2014 models, the Nordictrack C600 and C700 are currently the two most affordable Nordictrack treadmills out there. Let’s delve in to see how they stack up against each other. One of the first things we noticed was the shortened 20″ x 55″ treadbelt. Of all the 2014 Nordictrack models we’ve reviewed, the Nordictrack C600’s belt is definitely the least spacious of them all and a full 5″ shorter than the C700’s. There is also a slight drop in the motor rating from 2.75 HP to 2.6 HP. This is we feel, not a significant drop and since it’s powering a smaller treadbelt anyhow, it should be sufficient in most cases. However, heavier users or users who intend on testing the treadmill to its limits should reconsider if this treadmill can meet their demands.

Speaking of limits, the max speed and incline of the Nordictrack C600 are only 10 MPH and 10% respectively. This is a noticeable drop from the 12 MPH and 12% of the C700. Other differences worth noting include the decreased number of workout apps (24 vs 20) and shorter warranty (2 years parts vs 1 year). In our opinion, even though the C 600 is obviously inferior to the C 700, the C600 is much more value for your money. If you’ve read our review of the C700, you would know that we weren’t particularly impressed especially when it was stacked up against the C970 Pro which was a much better deal at. So if we had to decide between the C600, C700 and C970, we would pick the C600 if we were really tight on cash and the C970 if we wanted quality without breaking the bank. Both are great deals at their respective prices. The C700? It’s OK but not a spectacular value. What Makes The Nordictrack C600 Worth Buying? An affordable treadmill with features and specs beyond what we had expect Comes with adjustable cushioning which didn’t even exist a few years ago What Makes The Nordictrack C600 NOT Worth Buying? You should expect a treadmill priced as low as the C 600 to not be able to take the pounding of an experienced runner The low weight capacity, short product warranty, small rollers and average motor support my previous point.

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