Nordictrack C1600 Pro Treadmill Review


The finest engineering matched with everyone’s features — that is just whatthe 2014 Nordictrack C1600 Pro offers. The C1600 Pro has always been a crowd favorite. Now, the 2014 model gives you extreme innovation and advancement at its finest. The 2014 Nordictrack C1600 Pro is equipped with Nordictrack’s patented FlexSelect Cushioniong. Users can select the settings for the unit to totally absorb impact, or they can choose for the unit to closely resemble a real outdoor run. Incline and decline are likewise just a touch away on account of its colored touchscreen display that is even web-enabled. Add to that iFit technology and Google Maps routes and you are never ever having a boring workout again. Zooming into the specs, this machine runs on a 3.5 CHP motor that is equipped with dual cooling fans. It runs a 20″x60″ 2-ply tread belt which is stretch-resistant. Nordictrack guarantees that the machine‚Äôs belt and rollers require very minimum maintenance. For people concerned with space, nothing can be better than Nordictrack’s Innovative SpaceSaver technology. It comes with EasyLift Assist which means you can literally just lift and fold the deck to put away the treadmill. Of course, the favorites never get forgotten.

The 2014 Nordictrack C1600 Pro also comes with the Wireless Chest Pulse Strap, the Integrated Accesory Tray, and the ever dependable Nordictrack warranty. Review Price: We’re reviewing the Nordictrack C1600 Pro based on a sale price. What Makes The Nordictrack C1600 Pro Worth Buying? This is Nordictrack’s most affordable model with an Android web browser Similarly, this is also Nordictrack’s most affordable treadmill with a decline option The 3.5 CHP motor is more than powerful enough to support its spacious 20″x60″ belt. Prior to 2014, we’ve hardly see any treadmills less than claim a weight capacity of 375 lbs. For the C1600 Pro to do so at is amazing (or inaccurate) Wireless chest strap, adjustable cushioning, a long warranty and big rollers round out the C 1600 Pro’s strengths What Makes The Nordictrack C1600 Pro Not Worth Buying? Comes with an iFit module but using iFit requires a separate yearly subscription It’s impossible for us to determine how sturdy the machine is since the weight is not revealed Verdict: If we look at the Nordictrack C1600 Pro’s specs, we see that it is not only a machine that has plentiful bells and whistles, it is also a machine that will likely last you a long time. To determine if a machine’s longevity, the main things we look for are the machine’s stated capacity, the machine weight, the motor strength, the motor/belt combination, the length of the warranty (especially labor) and the size of the rollers. It’s true that the C1600 Pro doesn’t max out in every category which makes sense since it’s priced at the far end of the price spectrum, but based on specs alone, it really makes many its competitors look bad in comparison. And let’s not forget the innovative features that are almost exclusive to Nordictrack products like the android browser, adjustable cushioning and -3% decline. To sum everything up, we feel the Nordictrack C1600 pro is an excellent treadmill at an excellent price.

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