Nordictrack Audiostrider 1490 Pro Elliptical Review

Audiostrider Elliptical Review

Reasons Why You Should Buy The Audiostrider 1490 Pro

  • Of the two rear-drive ellipticals Nordictrack is selling right now, this is the better one (by a small margin)
  • Like the Audiostrider 990 Pro, the Audiostrider 1490 Pro has the advantage of requiring very little installation time due to its “snap assembly” design and very little storage space due to its “Vertical Spacesaver” design.
  • This is one of few ellipticals available right now that has an integrated Android web browser. The 7″ console that you use the web browser on isn’t too shabby either considering there are so many 5″ and 6″ consoles still on the market today

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Audiostrider 1490 Pro

  • Good to see a power-adjustable incline but since it only goes up to 10 degrees, I wonder how much of an impact it would have on your workout
  • The Audiostrider 1490’s retail price is more than that of the Audiostrider 990 Pro but the specs and features don’t really justify the extra cost
  • Uses only an 18 lb flywheel which is kind of flimsy for a good price elliptical
  • The warranty also leaves much to be desired at only 3-year parts and 1-year labor

Is This The Right Elliptical For You?

If the rate is as low as Nordictrack is willing to go to sell this elliptical, we recommend you look elsewhere.

At retail; during sales, we were expecting a top of the line elliptical from Nordictrack. The Audiostrider 1490 Pro barely qualifies for mid-range.

Looking at the specs, we felt a much fairer price would be around the 1k range.  The only real feature it has that MAYBE justifies its sale price is the Android web tablet and that’s a huge maybe.

So unless Nordictrack made a pricing mistake and the “correct” price is actually much lower, we recommend you look elsewhere.

If you want a top of the line workout machine that delivers the best possible workouts then channel your focus on the Nordictrack Audiostrider 1490 Pro. In just four steps you can assemble the machine and have it ready for your workout in a few minutes. It is probably the fastest, if not the easiest machine in the fitness industry to assemble.

The five-point stride advantage offers every user the option to adjust the stride for a more natural feel every time they are on the Audiostrider 1490 Pro. To complement the five-point stride advantage is the 18 lb Effective Inertia Enhanced Flywheel making every stride more natural as it rotates.

Monitor your workout through its full color 7” integrated touch tablet while being entertained by your favorite sites online through its Android web browser. So now you can enjoy browsing online while working out and all this is made possible because of Nordictrack’s iFit technology.

For accurate heart rate reading sensors have been placed into both handlebars, the CardioGrip HeartRate Monitor. Choose from 24 digital resistance levels to burn more calories by using the OneTouchControls. But to make sure that every adjustment is natural and smooth, Nordictrack has the Silent Magnetic Resistance in place.

The power-adjustable incline can help you as well target other muscle groups through its 0 – 10 degrees options. When you are done working out then storage space will never be a problem with this elliptical, especially that it has a vertical space-saver design.

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