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Nordictrack E 9.9 Elliptical Review

If a customized and effective workout is what you need then check out the E 9.9 Elliptical. The power to create the workouts that you want can happen with just a touch through its intuitive console controls. So whether it’s the incline or resistance that you need to adjust it will not take you away from your workout for these things can be done conveniently with a touch. The progress of your workout is also within your grasp through it 7” backlit display, which also keeps you aware of your time, calories burned, distance, speed, and heart rate. Since NordicTrack wants nothing but the best for you, they made sure that you get the best out of your workout with the help of the best available technology, especially when it comes to interactive training. A revolutionary technology that is powered by Google Maps, allows you to compete with friends, customizing a workout to match each one’s goals, and even map a route from anywhere in the world, the iFit technology. If you need to target specific muscle groups then the intensity stride power ramp will be more than helpful to help you reach your goals.

Plus the ramp range can be adjusted from -0 up to 20 degrees. The E 9.9 Elliptical even has padded pedals for your comfort and is built for heavy duty training carrying as much as 350 lbs in weight. It even has 30 digital resistance levels, a built in fan to keep users cool, and has built in wheels for easy transport or movement. Strong Points A 30 lb flywheel is one of the heavier flywheels we’ve seen for a sub elliptical The 350 lb weight capacity is also quite impressive for the price but unfortunately, it is matched with a subpar warranty at only 3 years for parts and1 year for labor Comes with a decent set of features such as adjustable foot pads, 30 workout apps, incline ramp, air fans, transport wheels (elliptical doesn’t fold as far we’re able to tell), and built-in speakers for your digital music player Weak Points The warranty isn’t bad but it’s not spectacular either It’s slightly confusing for buyers when the machine is iFit enabled but you can’t really make use of it unless you purchase an iFit wireless module separately Verdict (Review based on a sale price of) At the time of review, ICON had four ellipticals that were selling from between. We’ve already ruled out the Proform 810 E as not being a very good deal which leaves us with the Nordictrack E9.9 and two other Proform ellipticals (19.0RE and 910E). So how does the E9.9 stack up against its Proform cousins? Overall, the E 9.9 was in line with the other 2 Proform ellipticals. Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot that separates these three ellipticals especially since they’re both by the same parent company, Icon Health and Fitness. The Nordictrack E9.9’s main advantage is that we know the flywheel weight to be quite heavy at 30 lb which translates into a better workout experience. But it doesn’t come with a wireless strap like the 19.0RE nor does it come with a decline ramp like the 910E. As there is no clear winner here, it’s up to you to decide which features are more important to you. But no matter which elliptical you choose, for less than, you’re already getting a very good deal. (The Nordictrack E9.9 is also known as the Nordictrack Elite 9.9)

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