2016 Nordictrack E 8.7 Elliptical Review

Get on the Nordictrack E 8.7 and enjoy a training program which is not only revolutionary but provides you with the best technology available. Set specific goals, monitor your progress, or mimic a real run through Google Maps with the help of Nordictracks iFit technology. The incline ramp can easily be adjusted together with the 22 digital resistance levels through its OneTouch Controls. Adjust the incline ramp between 3 to 20 degrees to target different muscle groups. The strides natural feeling is due to the fact that it is able to maintain its fluidity by adjusting automatically from 18 – 20 inches. Of course this takes place as the incline of the ramp increases. The CardioGrip Heart Rate Monitor will provide you with accurate reading. The Wireless Chest Strap however, will be of better service in monitoring your heart rate as it provides continuous reading on the For your comfort while working out the machine comes with an adjustable oversize pedals for better traction control. The upper body will not be left behind on every workout because of its soft touch upper body grips. Height will not be an issue with the soft grips.

The smooth performance of the Nordictrack E 8.7 is given due credit to its 20 lb Effective Inertia Enhanced Flywheel. The natural feel every time you step on the machine is the first thing that you will notice on your workout. The AutoBreeze Workout Fan and the Water Bottle Holder seals the deal for the Nordictrack E 8.7 for it add comfort to any workout. Reasons Why You Should Buy The Nordictrack E8.7 The E8.7 may not include an iFit subscription (which allows you to download workouts) but the 20 built-in workouts it comes with should last most users a long time Not used to seeing a entry-level elliptical come with the ability to adjust the ramp incline so points for Nordictrack for including this In the past, Nordictrack was only offering 2 year parts and labor warranty for ellipticals. In the past 2 years or so, Nordictrack has slowly been upping the length of their warranties so we’re seeing even basic entry level models like the E8.7 now come with a 2 year parts warranty Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Nordictrack E8.7 Please note that the E8.7’s max stride length is determined by the ramp angle you’ve set the machine at. This is opposed to other ellipticals where you can set the stride length manually. So the E8.7 does not feature an adjustable stride length in the true sense of the word. The 5″ console display size is at the lower end of what’s available. Nordictrack’s largest console for ellipticals is 10″ so the E8.7’s five inches leaves a bit to be desired. The E11.7 which is the next model up from E8.7 features a much heavier 28 lb flywheel or 8 lbs heavier Is This The Right Elliptical For You? In many ways, we feel the Nordictrack E8.7 is a solid choice for budget buyers. Given the price, it sports a respectable set of features and the warranty is definitely above average for its price. But we feel that you are potentially much better off in going with the E11.7 instead. Yes, the E11.7 is about more (at time of review) but it’s superior to the E8.7 in more than a half dozen ways. You get a bigger console so you don’t have to squint, a longer warranty in case something goes wrong, a higher user capacity which is an indicator of better construction quality, heavier flywheel for a better workout experience, a wireless chest strap which is a value, more workout programs and a few other minor items. At the end of the day, the E8.7 is good but the E11.7 is undeniably better and doesn’t cost that much more. We invite you to read our E11.7 review as well.

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