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Nordictrack E11.7 Elliptical Review of 2017

The Nordictrack E 11.7 will take your every workout experience to a different level. The machine has a built in program of 32 workout apps of all types of intensity. Designed by certified personal trainers, each workout was created for you to have various workout experiences. The textured pedals on the E 11.7 provide three adjustment options to target different muscle groups. While the Power Ramp allows you to adjust incline as you desire from 0 – 20 degrees. So reshape, lengthen, and intensify your stride to focus on specific muscle groups each workout. The heart rate is an important factor to monitor every workout, so to always make sure that you are on target, the handle bars arrives with a built-in CardioGrip Heart rate Monitor. The CardioGrip has sensors that allows for accurate monitoring of the heart rate.

If what you are looking for is continuous reading of your heart rate then the good news is that the E 11.7 arrives with a Wireless Chest Strap that does exactly this. When you feel like the heat is too much then the AutoBreeze workout fan will provide you with some cooling comfort. During workout we understand that hydration is important, for this reason that the E 11.7 come with a water bottle holder. Plus, it is built for a heavy duty workout being able to handle a weight of as much as Storing and assembling the Nordictrack E 11.7 can be done with ease because of its snap assemblyfeature. In comparison to other ellipticals, the E 11.7 can now be assembled or folded in less than half the time. Reasons Why You Should Buy The Nordictrack E 11.7 The 28 lb flywheel is a lot of heavier than what we would have expected for an elliptical under The 350 lb weight capacity is also quite high for the price and indicates the elliptical should hold up relatively well to use and abuse We haven’t seen an elliptical with a warranty better than the E11.7’s generous 3 year parts / 1 year labor yet for under Comes with a lot of goodies like wireless chest strap, adjustable pedals, adjustable power incline ramp, and a whopping 32 workout programs. Most of these features are usually reserved for mid-range or higher end models so we’re pleasantly surprised Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Nordictrack E 11.7 Front wheel ellipticals may not be everyone’s cup of tea Unlike the Nordictrack’s Audiostrider elliptical series, the E11.7 does not come with the ability to fold Is This The Right Elliptical For You? If you look at the “E” aka “Elite” elliptical series by Nordictrack, The E 11.7 actually ranks second lowest in features (and thus price.) It doesn’t have the super duper fancy features like power decline, web browsing on your console or integrated HDTV. In other words, the E 11.7 is definitely not cutting edge, not even close. But know that products with the latest and greatest features usually sell at a steep premium. If we remove all the fancy features that end up jacking up the price, we are essentially left with the Nordictrack E 11.7. The Nordictrack E11.7 can be summed up as a budget elliptical with above average specs and features.

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