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Nordictrack C 1570 Pro Treadmill Review

This treadmill provides quieter and more focus work out experience. Different specs and features are used to accommodate users’ workouts such as the cushioning, work out programs, incline levels and more. Here are the features: A combination of QuadFlex and Dura Stride Response cushioning is used to provide comfort and protect the joints the user. It does this my reducing the impact on the feet by 30% as they land on the deck, and relieves pressure from the knees and back. Users can challenge their training and weight loss efficiency by using the incline and decline options. The incline can rise up to 15% which increases heart rate and muscle work while lowering the impact on the joints. The decline can lower down to – 3% which targets different leg muscles. There are 34 different pre-made and built-in workouts provided to target intensity, calorie-burning, muscle toning, and endurance. Users can track their stats, specifically calories burned, speed, distance, time, heart rate, and overall progress. It has a wide viewing angle for easier reading, plays music and displays the progress of a work out through a visual quarter-mile racetrack. Adjusts speed from 0 to 12 miles per hour. Adjusts from -3% decline to 15% incline. The fan automatically adjusts its settings to the intensity of the workout. Review:

Strong Points: At a sale price of, we’re surprised to see that the C1570 Pro still comes with a decline option Includes wireless heart rate strap which is a nice bonus the 375 lb weight capacity is quite competitive for a treadmill in the middle class price range Comes with 34 built-in workouts which isn’t that far behind the top of the line Nordictrack models Parts and labor warranty at 5 years and 2 years respectively is solid Weak Points: The retail price of is misleading. A treadmill of this level should be retailed for closer to After reviewing so many of the higher-end Proform and Nordictrack models, the Nordictrack C1570 Pro seems a little too simple in comparison Verdict: Compared to the top of the line Nordictrack and Proform treadmills in 2013, the Nordictrack C1570 Pro leaves much to be desired in both quality and features. But because there is a significant drop in quality and features, the C1570 Pro is also significantly more affordable as a result with savings of to. What you’re getting here is essentially a no frills treadmill. The motor, belt, incline/decline, console display and cushioning are quite solid and is in line with or better than what is usually offered at this price. The 34 workout programs, the 375 lb weight capacity and included wireless heart rate strap help the C1570 Pro to further differentiate it from treadmills of competing brands. Overall, this Nordictrack treadmill is solid all-around. There aren’t any major problems as far as we’re aware of. Conversely, there also aren’t any features that struck us as particularly impressive. A solid all-around treadmill at a price that won’t break the bank pretty much sums it up.

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